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In Szarbi you can leave your car for chip tuning. This is an electronic modification of the vehicle controller, which allows for a noticeable increase in engine power. Increasing the power in this way is completely safe. Changing the vehicle's software is easier than mechanical tuning, and it can be done even in several dozen minutes. We encourage chip tuning anyone who needs more torque and power in their car. The Szarbi workshop is a place where you can really increase the power gain by modifying the Stage 1 and Stage 2 software in Warsaw.

Chip tuning Stage 1 Warsaw

Modification of the motor controller is a safe and quick way to increase the power of the motor unit.
Mechanical modifications always involve some risk of engine damage and high costs. In Szarbi, we perform electronic tuning, thanks to which we actually increase the value of power and torque. In the field of chip tuning, we use two types of software: Stage 1 and Stage 2. After connecting the diagnostic interface, we upload new drivers to the ECU. Thanks to this, we get more power, which translates into the comfort of everyday driving.
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Safety guarantee

Szarbi has been tuning Stage 1 cars in Warsaw for many years. Our experience and knowledge translates into full security of the service. We guarantee that the increase in power will be really noticeable and without the risk of damaging your car. When increasing power and torque in vehicles, we make sure that fuel consumption and intake system calibration are perfected.

Speed of action

As a company with many years of experience in the automotive industry, we quickly implement Stage 1 chip tuning in Warsaw. Introducing modifications to the program built into a standard engine controller usually takes no longer than several dozen minutes. With our help, you can quickly modify the car's controller and make the vehicle much more efficient. We make sure that remapping does not cause faster operation of engine components.

Stage 1 car tuning in Warsaw - when is it worth doing?

Is it necessary to increase the vehicle's power? We suggest when it is worth doing it!
Modification of the controller, i.e. chiptuning, is a service that is useful whenever the current power of your car is insufficient. In Szarbi, we deal with Stage 1 tuning of rear-, front- and 4x4 cars. Nothing is impossible for us. It is worth opting for the electronic tuning and power modification service primarily in order to: reduce fuel consumption, improve the efficiency of the drive unit and increase power. Our workshop takes care of the well-being of even the most demanding customers. For this reason, we approach each modification individually and upload programs that do not have a negative impact on the operation of the car.
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FAQ - Car Tuning Stage 1

Do you have questions before upgrading your vehicle? Learn more about chiptuning.
After modifying the engine controller, we can realistically increase the torque and power of the vehicle. We try to optimize the changes so that the improvement of driving dynamics does not have a negative impact on fuel consumption. This factor depends on the driver's driving style, although in many cases fuel consumption decreases with increasing power.
When it comes to tuning a Stage 1 car in Warsaw - this one involves only electronic modification of the vehicle's controller to increase power and torque. Stage 2 offers more opportunities, which often requires the replacement of basic car components, e.g. a turbocharger or the installation of forged pistons.

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