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Passenger cars, vans, trucks and many other vehicles must meet stringent emission standards in Europe. At Szarbi, we know how problematic the DPF filter can be in modern vehicles. For this reason, we offer our clients the service of removing and deactivating the DPF particulate filter in Warsaw called DPF OFF. During the execution of the order, we use only professional tools and computer software to guarantee the correctness of the service performed. At Szarbi, you can use the DPF particulate filter removal service, computer system deactivation and filter cleaning using the diagnostic interface.

DPF OFF Warsaw

Do you want to get rid of the problematic DPF filter? We are waiting for you!
The DPF OFF service in Warsaw carried out in the Szarbi workshop is a guarantee that the diesel particulate filter will be removed and deactivated so that the vehicle can function efficiently for many more years. With our help, removing the DPF filter is simple and quick. The mechanic working in the workshop will suggest the most advantageous method of removing DPF filters in Warsaw. It is also worth noting that after removal, the engine control unit must be programmed by turning off the diesel particulate filter. For this purpose, we use specialized software, while eliminating the risk of vehicle system failure.
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Knowledge and experience

Our specialists are constantly trained in professional DPF OFF. In Warsaw, we offer comprehensive services related to the removal of the particulate filter. An expert in the workshop can perform the service even in several dozen minutes from the time of accepting the car for service. Many years of experience in the automotive industry is a guarantee that the DPF OFF service in Warsaw will be carried out comprehensively.

Original software

Original diagnostic software must be used to disable the particulate filter effectively. We connect with the controller via the OBD II connector. In Szarbi, specialized removal of DPF filters is carried out by modifying the vehicle's controller and physically removing the particulate filter. With us you have a guarantee of high quality services in cars with petrol and diesel engines.

Removal of DPF filters in Warsaw - why is it worth doing?

Removal of the particulate filter in Szarbi is a guarantee of safety and comprehensive performance of the service.
Szarbi's professional services in the field of disabling the diesel particulate filter can positively affect the condition of the car. How is this possible? Well, the service of removing the software of the engine controller responsible for the operation of the diesel particulate filter and the DPF system itself does not generate the need to: burn pollutants, dilute the oil, regularly clean the DPF filter. In some cases, removing the exhaust DPF can result in a slight increase in vehicle power and even reduce the risk of breakdown.
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FAQ - disabling the DPF filter

Do you have questions before deactivating the DPF filter? Below you will find the answers.
Definitely yes. At Szarbi, we make sure that the DPF filter removal service is comprehensive. We program engine controllers, thanks to which there is no risk that disabling the DPF will affect the incorrect operation of the engine.
In Szarbi, we offer the service of removing the particulate filter, thanks to which the dynamics of the vehicle's drive unit can be improved. By disabling the DPF, the exhaust system works much more efficiently. There is also no need to periodically burn out the DPF system, which is often very problematic (especially when driving in the city).

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